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Wireless Networks for the Healthcare Industry

Anywhere, anytime wireless network access to health records, for
voice communications and for medical devices has proven to improve
quality of care and reduce costs. Learn how an Aruba Wireless network can bring mobility and security to any medical facility. Included here:
• Features and benefits to healthcare
• Case study
• Video presentation


Voice, video and medical device communications that clinicians trust

Wireless LANs (WLANs) play a vital role in improving patient care and improving the efficiency and cost controls of healthcare administration. When every second counts, real-time communication is essential. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions need reliable voice, video and medical device communications to help them quickly deliver improved patient care.

Healthcare organizations around the world rely on Aruba's application-aware network. Aruba delivers the quality of service (QoS) required to simultaneously serve patient information, medical device communications, and voice, video and data services in the most challenging care settings.

Aruba's role-based architecture identifies, segments and prioritizes applications without requiring complex virtual LAN (VLAN) configuration or excessive SSIDs that adversely impacts the air quality and network availability.

With Aruba, healthcare organizations can:
• Deliver high quality voice and video over Wi-Fi with Aruba's unique Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology.
• Protect patient health information in a heterogeneous network with Aruba's integrated ICSA-certified role-based firewall.
• Easily extend hospital network services to clinics, physicians' offices, and remote workers with Aruba's Virtual Branch Network. This award-winning solution can cut your branch networking costs by as much as 50%.
• Simplify mobility operations in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The AirWave Management Suite from Aruba delivers a single-point of visibility and control from a user's mobile device all the way back to a wired switch port to quickly identify, resolve and even predict potential issues.

Features and benefits of having Network Alchemist install an Aruba Wireless network into your medical facility.

Industry brief about Aruba Wireless LAN networks for hospitals.

Case study demonstrating how Aruba has the right medicine for the University of Utah Health Sciences Center

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